Hi, I’m Yoshie

4 years ago, I found myself feeling depressed, sad, and completely hopeless about my future after going through a lot of painful breakups.
I thought I would be happily married and have a loving family by the age of 30 but I didn’t see it happening even though I tried courses, therapy, meditation and other healing modalities for many years. I felt stuck in a vicious cycle where I felt so lonely and empty.

My Story from Breakup
to Breakthrough

My journey to this point has been a winding road, filled with ups and downs, but it’s led me to where I am today – in a healthy, loving relationship with the man of my dreams. But let me rewind a bit 4 years ago…

After leaving my job as a software engineer to heal from the stress and anxiety that had consumed me, I found myself feeling lost and uncertain about the future. I sought validation and attention from others, hoping it would fill the void I felt inside. But time and time again, I repeated this pattern – falling in love, only to be left heartbroken and feeling more worthless and empty than ever.

Sounds familiar?

Desperate for change, I tried therapy, online courses, meditation, and various healing modalities. But despite my efforts, I still woke up each morning consumed by intense sadness and anxiety. It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to energy healing. Working with a coach, I started to release the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for so long.

The results I got from energy healing:

  • let go of my ex completely
  • feeling more hopeful and excited to start dating again
  • being in a healthy, loving relationship with my love

Whether you’re struggling to move on from a past relationship or feeling lost in your search for love, know that I’ve been there, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.
So, if you’re ready to let go of the past, embrace your worth, and create the love life you’ve always dreamed of, you’re in the right place. Check out my program details here so you know how you can receive help. I can’t wait to connect with you and support you on your journey. Let’s go to the next chapter of your life and find real love - together!

Sometimes, we are just one step away from a completely different life.

If you are not happy with your love life, that one step you can take today to break free from the vicious cycle and have the healthy loving relationship you deserve is here:

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Some of my qualifications:

  • I am a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach and a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.
  • I’ve been on a healing and spiritual awakening journey for 7+ years.

My Values: Love, Peace and Growth

  • I’ve been vegan for 7+ years and I adore all living creatures 💚
  • I am from Osaka, Japan so I love joking and watching comedy.
  • I’ve lived in Australia, Ireland and Spain and now I live in Germany. I love exploring and learning about other cultures!